April 12, 2009


Many customers ask me where I get the inspirations for certain wreaths. I tell them my inspirations come from the world around me. It could be a pattern or print on a girl’s Sunday dress, upholstery fabric, a highway framed in wild flowers, or a magazine layout. I just go about my daily activities and a voice in my head will say “Hey, Wake up! Can’t you just imagine that in a wreath?”

With spring in full bloom, my mind starts to wonder forward into the summer months and then to weddings. I know most of my wreaths are full of foliage, flowers, and details but I also like simple. I’ve designed a couple of wreaths that would be perfect for a newlywed’s front door or for those who just like simple but “Southern” entryways. I can also imagine these on a kitchen or bathroom wall. See more of my wreath examples here.

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