April 27, 2009

Tips for Your Fresh Cut Flowers

I know my craft is silk floral design but since my garden is starting to bloom, I'm bringing my cut flowers in and thought I would share a few tips regarding fresh flowers.

Having the same type of flowers in a vase will last longer than a mixture of different types. Since the flowers are all the same, they will decompose by the same means and at the same pace.

A single flower in a vase will last longer than several of the same type of flowers.

If your fresh flower water appears cloudy or discolored this indicates decomposition of stem and bacterial growth in the water. Change the water in the container at least every couple of days. Use fresh warm water to open the stems and allow more water to be absorbed.

If your stems are discolored and filmy this indicates that stems have been stagnating in water, impairing water absorption. Recut your stems each time you change the water and this will help.

Strip leaves that will be submerged into the water as leaves will quicken the decomposition and bacteria growth in the water.

Glass and plastic containers are the best when displaying your fresh cut flowers. Make sure you clean and sterilize before using.

Happy gardening!

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