November 7, 2009

Cutting Florists Styrofoam Bricks

For those of you needing to make your own permanent floral arrangements, here are some tips for cutting Florists Styrofoam. The brown colored found in your local craft store is perfect for faux flowers. I like OASIS® SEC Dry Bricks because they are perfect for use in dried and permanent floral arrangements. Its high density means that all stems are held firmly in place, providing the security and stability required for arrangement in any size. They are easy to cut, glue or spray paint in other colors (i.e., gold or silver, which is useful for Christmas decorating) and most importantly they are fire retardant. Here's how to prep your florists foam:

Use a serrated knife and run a bar of soap along both sides of the blade for easier cutting.

Position the container, base side down, on top of the Styrofoam and use a marker to trace around the container’s perimeter.

Use the serrated knife to cut along the marked line, angling the blade outward if the container’s rim is wider than the base or vice versa.

Test fit the foam inside the container, trimming away any excess foam.

Additional tips: Cutting Styrofoam is not an exact procedure. It is preferable to test-fit the foam inside the container to ensure a snug fit. If you cut the foam too large, use your knife to shave off small sections by slicing away small amounts at a time until the foam fits snugly. If the foam is cut too small, wedge as many small pieces of foam between the wall of the container and the foam block as needed to create a snug fit.

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