November 7, 2009

Simple Halloween Arrangement How To

I found this simple arrangement and had to share it with you. While this arrangement is pretty on its own, imagine several of them lined up down the middle of your buffet table or kitchen island. You can easily make this arrangement yourself; you don’t need to be a professional florist. All of these things can be found in your local craft store. Here’s how:

Terra cotta flower pot
Acrylic paint in yellow & orange
Paint brush or foam brush
Floral foam for permanent flowers
Serrated knife
Hot Glue
Candy corn
Gerber Daisies
Wire cutters
Faux fall leaves (about 7)
Candy corn

1.Paint the outside of your flower pot to resemble a candy corn and let dry.

2.Using a serrated knife, carefully cut and shape the floral foam to fit inside of the flower pot (see tips here). You can squirt a little hot glue into the bottom of your pot if you want to insure a permanent fit; however, if your foam is a snug fit it should stay put in your terra cotta pot without glue.

3.Time to cut the Daisies. Place your terra cotta pot close to the edge of your workspace. Taking one of the Gerber Daisies, hold it up close to the pot letting the stem hang below the work surface, this way you can measure exactly where to cut the daisy stem. Using wire cutters, cut your daisy at an angle. Cutting it at and angle helps to “spear” the stem into the foam. Do this for all three daisies. You can cut them all the same length if you want, but I think it adds more depth if they are staggered in height don’t you? (Tip: Make sure to shape and bend your permanent daisies to resemble live daisies. This makes the arrangement look more authentic).

4.Now spear the daisies into the center of the foam. It’s starting to look kinda cute isn’t it?

5.Working a little section at a time, squirt hot glue onto the top of the floral foam and add your permanent fall leaves. Make sure the leaves stand up and are at varying heights as well by bending them and gluing them further out from the base of the flowers. The leaves are adding another layer of color to your arrangement. Let your arrangement cool completely before moving on.

6.Once, the glue is dry, sprinkle real candy corn around the top of your arrangement. Nice job!

To store your arrangement for use next year, just brush off the candy removing all crumbs and now you can store it. Next year pull it out and add fresh candy corn and you ready to go for another season.

Flowers: Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to use different flowers (sun flowers, mums, orange roses, etc.).
Topping: Instead of candy corn try hot gluing orange and yellow beads, miniature faux pumpkins, or acorns or sweet gum (real or fake).

Paint: Paint your pot in other coordinating fall colors and your arrangement can be used for the entire fall season instead of just for Halloween.

This would be perfect for a fall wedding table centerpiece or a nice hostess gift.

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