December 8, 2009

2009 Holiday Decorating Trends

No one knows for sure what the coming holiday season will bring in terms of decorating. To help you with your decorating decisions, I've listed below the 15 top-selling holiday product categories (hard goods, gifts) of retail florists according to Florists' Review Magazine:

1. Permanent arrangements (centerpieces, etc.)
2. Permanent wreaths, decorated
3. Ornaments (designer, collectible)
4. Candles/ Reed Diffusers/Potpourri
5. Decorative containers
6. Figurines
7. Gourmet food baskets/fruit baskets
8. Bows, custom made
9. Ribbon (by the yard or bolt)
10. Candy/Chocolates
11. Ornaments (basic glass, plastic, etc.)
12. Permanent Christmas trees, tabletop (decorated)
13. Gourmet Foods
14. Nativity Sets/Creches
15. Permanent flowers/foliages/branches, unarranged

Of these top product categories, several such as permanent arrangements and wreaths, are "designer created", meaning the finished products most likely will be developed in a flower shop.

I was very pleased to learn that permanent decorated wreaths was second on this list.

Source: Florists' Review Magazine, July 2009
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