December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorating Tip: Children's Artwork

Yall, don't you just love it when your precious little ones come home with their masterpieces they've created at school? They are so excited to show it to you and you display it proudly on the fridge, for a while anyway.  Then eventually it gets added to the endless stack of artworks past.  I have a solution that I think you may enjoy.

Have you ever thought of using your child’s artwork for decorating purposes?  Of course I don’t mean all of them, just use some of the best ones.  The trick is not to display too many.  You want your home to feel warm, elegant but kid friendly-not a museum dedicated to your children's artwork.

Make sure to save and display pieces in which they write to Santa and the pieces where they have used their handprints or thumb prints.  So as your children grow up and see their artwork displayed year after year, they will become more cherished.  My kids, one now 17, love looking at their old masterpieces during every holiday (we do this for Thanksgiving & Easter).  We discuss them and remember how small they used to be and how blessed we are to all be together for another holiday.

Here are some of the places, where I’ve hung my children’s’ masterpieces over the years:

  • On French doors:  Just tape your pictures in a random but pleasing pattern in the square windows of your French doors.
  • Front Door:  If you have transoms or windows around your front door, you can tape the artwork there.
  • Garland:  Using standard evergreen Christmas garland, attach the artwork by punching a hole and attaching a ribbon in a coordinating color.
  • On mirrors:  Don't cover the mirror entirely but you can tape on the corner and sides, framing your mirror.
  • Over existing artwork: Just tape the artwork over the glass of one or two pieces of your existing artworks hung on the wall.
It’s amazing how this little trick will instantly make your home feel festive.  Remember not to use all of these suggestions during one holiday, just one or two.

After the festivities and Christmastime comes to a close, I take them down and pack them safely with my other Christmas decorations to reuse the following year.   So, where will you hang your child’s (or grandchild’s) masterpiece?

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  1. I remember when I was a kid my mom would decorate the house with my artwork in school. She said it was most beautiful artwork she had ever seen.


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