April 27, 2009

Tips for Your Fresh Cut Flowers

I know my craft is silk floral design but since my garden is starting to bloom, I'm bringing my cut flowers in and thought I would share a few tips regarding fresh flowers.

Having the same type of flowers in a vase will last longer than a mixture of different types. Since the flowers are all the same, they will decompose by the same means and at the same pace.

A single flower in a vase will last longer than several of the same type of flowers.

If your fresh flower water appears cloudy or discolored this indicates decomposition of stem and bacterial growth in the water. Change the water in the container at least every couple of days. Use fresh warm water to open the stems and allow more water to be absorbed.

If your stems are discolored and filmy this indicates that stems have been stagnating in water, impairing water absorption. Recut your stems each time you change the water and this will help.

Strip leaves that will be submerged into the water as leaves will quicken the decomposition and bacteria growth in the water.

Glass and plastic containers are the best when displaying your fresh cut flowers. Make sure you clean and sterilize before using.

Happy gardening!

April 14, 2009

Custom Designed Wreaths

Gone are the traditions and styles of years past, whatever we want to do with flowers and the arranging of them are no longer restricted by rigid rules, subject to strict guidelines, or influenced by fashion and style. Currently, floral arranging has become a personal expression of sentiment, beauty or design.

There really isn’t anything one can’t incorporate into a wreath or floral design. Imagine a cherished childhood toy, scraps of a baby’s beloved blanket or christening gown mixed with coordinating flowers or foliage. What better way to display collectibles such as dolls, fairies, or tea cups? You can also incorporate your favorite sport or hobby into a wreath. Here are a few ideas:

Try a baseball mitt and a team cap from your t-ball superstar mixed with small wild flowers, oak leaves, wild berries, and smilax branches. These silks would give the wreath a masculine air.

Are you proud of your favorite college team, high school, or dance team? Just incorporate team memorabilia with flowers in the team’s colors.

Do you have a cook or a baker in your home? In the kitchen would be a perfect place of a wreath containing measuring cups, whisk, or measuring spoons….add a rooster, sunflowers, and red gingham bow and you’ve created a memorable piece to display for years.

Unfortunately, many of us have loved ones in a nursing care facility. What better way to display some mementos that remind him/her of the great lives they’ve lived. A wreath will brighten up their room or room door and will remind them they are still loved. When their caregivers see the details of your beloved’s life, they stop looking at a patient and see a human being who deserves to be loved and respected.

These are just a few things one can use to make a wreath or floral arrangement more personal and memorable. The possibilities are endless. Email me and let’s chat, I’m sure together we can make your dreams a reality.

April 12, 2009


Many customers ask me where I get the inspirations for certain wreaths. I tell them my inspirations come from the world around me. It could be a pattern or print on a girl’s Sunday dress, upholstery fabric, a highway framed in wild flowers, or a magazine layout. I just go about my daily activities and a voice in my head will say “Hey, Wake up! Can’t you just imagine that in a wreath?”

With spring in full bloom, my mind starts to wonder forward into the summer months and then to weddings. I know most of my wreaths are full of foliage, flowers, and details but I also like simple. I’ve designed a couple of wreaths that would be perfect for a newlywed’s front door or for those who just like simple but “Southern” entryways. I can also imagine these on a kitchen or bathroom wall. See more of my wreath examples here.

April 1, 2009

A Meaningful Arrangement

Finally, spring is in full bloom....candy to my eyes. I wish my sinuses were half as pleased. For those of you thinking about creating your own flower arrangement, you may be interested in the symbolism behind some of the more popular flowers.

Almond Blossom: hope and watchfulness
Azalea: temperance
Blue Bell: Delicacy and Humility
Camellia: excellence
Candytuft: indifference
Clematis: artifice and ingenuity
Coreopsis: always cheerful
Dahlia: good taste
Daisy: gentleness, innocence, loyal love
Delphinium: airy
Forsythia: anticipation
Gardenia: “I love you in secret”
Hyacinth: playfulness
Hydrangea: thanks for understanding
Iris: faith, hope
Jasmine, Yellow: Timidity and Modesty
Magnolia: dignity
Peony: happy life
Phlox: sweet dreams
Petunia: anger and resentment
Poppy: imagination, dreaminess, eternal sleep
Rose,Pink: love, grace, gentility,You’re so Lovely, perfect happiness, Please believe Me
Rose, white: purity
Rose, yellow: infidelity, joy, gladness, friendship, jealousy, welcome back, remember me
Viburnum: thoughts of Heaven
Wisteria: youth and poetry
Zinnia: thoughts of absent friends

I hope I'm lucky enough to design with all of these flowers. Southern Charm Wreaths
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