July 21, 2009

Staging Your Front Entryway

Some homeowners come into their home through the garage, side door, or a back door. But when you have your house on the market, the buyers will and should always enter your home through the front door. Otherwise, they enter from an unnatural starting point, making them feel unsettled. Your floor plan was designed with the front door as the main entry to the home. The front door should not have peeling paint or cracked and faded wood, which will not be very inviting to buyers or guests. In addition, if you are the type that does not use the front door, make sure you have prepared your entry to where there is nothing blocking the front door. This is the time to rearrange for the public. Buyers need to enter through the front door and as they view different homes, it gives them a common reference point as they start their tour. Below are some tips to producing a positive first impression:

• Repaint or re-stain your front door (if your door is falling apart, your really should replace it).
• A fresh coat of paint on the garage door and window trim is an inexpensive way to set your house off from the others.
• Power wash your fa├žade, windows, porch, sidewalks, and roof (if your roof has any discoloration, home buyers could see that as an un-kept home).
• Keep the front gardens maintained, grass cut, and add plants, shrubs and flowers to make the entryway more appealing.
• Make sure the sidewalk and driveway aren't cracked, if so, fix the cracks.
• A new mailbox or mail slot.
• Tasteful garage sidelights.
• New house numbers (if old or out-of-view).
• Fresh plants in tasteful plant holders for your porch (Once you purchase these flowers don’t forget to water and maintain them.).
• Possible planters under windows containing seasonal plants.
• A doorbell that works!
• I personally hate screen doors, but if you have one make sure it is a new screen door or full-view storm door
• New decorative kick plate and/or door handles.
• A seasonal or decorative door wreath (check my website here).
• A clean, cobweb-free, and leaf-free porch area.
• For large porches you can further stage with some porch furniture.

You need to make a potential buyer want to come into your home; otherwise, they are not going to see how nice it really is inside your home. In some states, it is a common practice for realtors to have potential buyers drive by different homes on the market, and if one of those homes is yours, and it does not show well on the outside, they will not even bother with the inside. Even if you do not have the most attractive house, there are always things you can do to make the best impression possible.
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