December 17, 2010

Poly Deco Mesh Wreaths Sold

I love Poly Deco Mesh Wreaths. They are so versatile, durable and give a huge punch of color. You can add lights through the loops and it just makes them sparkle.  One customer bought a solid red deco mesh wreath and is planning on adding Christmas ornaments for Christmas and pink decorations for Valentines smart is that!  One customer purchased both of these wreaths because they are an inexpensive way to make your house festive!

I have more Poly Deco Mesh Wreaths on my website now and plan on adding more in the near future so check back often:

December 16, 2010

Peppermint Partay Silk Floral Wreath Just SOLD

This silk floral wreath had an evergreen base and small Poinsettias.  The shatterproof, glittered ornaments were red and white striped matching perfectly with the ribbon.  There were various peppermint candies included, some were wrapped in cellophane and looked so real and then there were larger peppermint candies also.  I’ve added glittered snow white Laurel leaves to fill in.

There were 7 yards of ribbon in this wreath.  The bow was made of two ribbons; white and red stripe and a sheer red.  Both were 2.5 inches wide.  The added streamers made this wreath full and festive. See more wreath on my website at

Deck The Halls Silk Floral Wreath Just SOLD!

This premium silk floral wreath was so full and lush with greens of Pine and Fern.  The large glittered Poinsettias in red and chartreuse matched perfectly with the ribbon and ornaments.  The large bow was the icing on the cake and put it over the top.  The bow had 9 yards of wired ribbon adding texture and richness.  The ornaments were shatterproof and glittered red and chartreuse.  Chartreuse was a very HOT color this year!

December 14, 2010

Holiday Happiness Silk Flower Wreath Just Sold!

Yes….Happiness. Who can’t wait for the holidays with this wreath? It has everything that reminds me of the holidays; evergreen, poinsettias, ribbon and ornaments! This silk floral wreath was purchased and delivered as a gift. I included a handwritten card. This is a gift that keeps giving as it will last for many more Christmases.

This premium silk floral wreath was full and lush with greens of Pine, Smilax, Fern and Rosemary. There was added grapevine giving the wreath more texture and with the added a beautiful red cardinal, bird nest and berries, it gave this wreath a wild and woodsy feel. The huge bow made from 9 yards of wired ribbon just makes me think of presents and with big beautiful shatterproof red ornaments…yes, Holiday Happiness!!

You can see more silk floral wreaths at

 Can you spot the cardinal perched on the limb?

Pink Pizzaz Silk Flower Wreath Just SOLD!

The customer definitely got a deal on this wreath. She was smart because she follows me on facebook ( So as soon as I marked down my Christmas wreaths, she jumped...very smart and another happy customer!

Seriously, who doesn’t like this color combination of pink and green!  This silk floral wreath looks like fairies themselves designed it, so fun and lots of glitter and sparkle. This wreath included premium silk floral hot pink Poinsettias, large lime green glittered ornaments and lime green glittered leaves, hot pink ornaments that were wired on a thick wire giving this wreath some movement.  The huge bow was made of three wired ribbons…all glittered of course.  This was a one of a kind and unfortunately, I cannot duplicate this one.

See more of my wreaths at

Christmas Wreath Order Sold

I designed this silk floral Christmas wreath to list on  However, a friend was over and decided that she wanted it for herself! So instead of listing it, I boxed it up for her to take.

This is very pretty and festive. I added green fern to give more texture.  The poinsettias are smaller and just blend giving the red shatterproof ornaments more spotlight.  The bow was wired and heavier to it will surely keep its shape better in the wind.  I added poly deco mesh along the outside of the wreath and it looked very elegant.

One special touch I did for this client was to hot glue red velvet ribbon to the back of the wreath because it was to go on the front of a glass storm door.  This gave it protection as well as finished off the back so it looks good coming from the other direction of the glass door.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of it, forgot.

You can see more wreaths I have for sale at

This is a close up of the poly deco mesh used to add a brilliant punch of red.

September 30, 2010

Abundance Fall Silk Wreath Just SOLD!

This wreath is full of everything we love about fall - rich warm colors, leaves, flowers, ribbon and berries.  The lucky owner of this silk floral wreath will be able to display this in her home all the way through Thanksgiving.

You can see my other fall artificial wreaths here or contact me and together, we can come up with a look that you will love and be proud to show off!

Rustic Fall Ya'll Silk Wreath Just SOLD!

This wreath was very country and it really popped with color.  The colors in this vibrant wreath were reds, browns, oranges, and yellows.  The large double bow was the center of attention, using two ribbons (Gingham red and a sheer red).

The flowers consisted of four large Sun Flowers and mini Cosmos.  Additional grapevine was woven throughout giving the wreath a natural, woodsy feel. With fall leaves of Maple, Apples, and Berries, this weath will give visitors a country “Welcome” to fall.

This wreath measured 29 inches wide by 31 inches tall by 8 inches deep.

All my wreaths are made with permanent or artificial flowers and will last for many seasons.
Contact me for a custom wreath or any questions about any of the wreaths on my blog or my website.

Custom Fall Silk Floral Wreath Just SOLD!

This was created for a returning customer located in North Carolina...enjoy!
I still have Fall Silk Wreaths for sale here on my website or contact me if you would like a custom wreath for your home.  Some flowers I may not have, but I can create most wreaths using the same color combinations.

May 3, 2010

"Green With Envy" Silk Floral Wreath just SOLD!

Your neighbors will envy you with this wreath on your door!  The colors in this rich and warm wreath are browns, gold, burgundy, cream and moss green.  The flowers consist of green Hydrangeas, three large gold Dahlias, wild burgundy Daisies, and Heather.   Okay ya’ll can you see the additional grapevine I’ve added?  The grapevine is woven throughout this wreath giving it an untamed and woodsy feel. With the fall leaves of a Laurel bush and Maple and gourds placed throughout, it makes this wreath perfect for your home d├ęcor.  The bow adds just a touch of iridescent glimmer of greens and browns….a perfect match!

April 12, 2010

"New Beginnings" Silk Floral Door Wreath - SOLD

As always, I use premium permanent florals, stems and greenery in each of my wreaths. This wreath was full of flowers and consisted of spring and summer flowers so it will be wonderful to brighten a door from spring and into the summer months. These flowers consisted of two types of hydrangeas one resembling an Annabelle Hydrangea in cream and one resembling a Mophead Hydrangea in blue. The other flowers in this wreath were lavender Wisteria and an Italy Rose bush in pinks/peaches. The greenery, used as a filler, consisted of Wisteria branches, light green mini Boxwood, along with the Hydrangea leaves. There are Grape clusters in salmon which rounded out this wreath, making it full and lush.

There were 4 yards of ribbon using a sheer 2 inch wired bow and ribbon which added softness and gave an airy feel to the wreath. I’ve added additional grapevine branches to the grapevine base that help gave this wreath a more natural feel and to add more depth.

March 26, 2010

Custom Wreath Sold

After seeing a customer's photo of a wreath I made for her front door, this customer had to have one for her door as well.  This is what I designed for her and shipping this past week. Her door is a darker green and the cream flowers just brighten up her entryway. She sent me photos here

"Pink Sorbet" Silk Floral Door Wreath Sold!

This wreath was so bright and vibrant!  When I put this wreath on my door in order to check the size, I couldn’t believe how much it brightened up my door.  This wreath was so refreshing which made it PERFECT for hanging on a spring door!  The colors were fuchsia, bright yellow, hot pink, and purples.  The full, luxurious double bow was the center of attention placed at the top of this wreath.  This bow was made from two ribbons, one sheer fuchsia and one plaid with bright colors of pink, yellow and green.  I just loved the colors and it helped me determine the colors of the flowers used.

The bright colorful flowers in this wreath included fuchsia Gerber daisies, hot pink Cosmos, pink Geraniums, bright orange Zinnias, gleaming yellow Ranunculus and deep purple Delphinium.  These were surrounded by airy and wild purple Daisies.

A very pretty bird was perched on a mushroom on the bottom of the wreath watching keep over her nest full of eggs.  Two large butterflies floated in the mix of green mosses, ferns, grasses, and boxwood branches.  Grapevine was woven throughout and the two mushrooms give the wreath a more natural feel.

March 10, 2010

"Pretty As You Please" Silk Floral Door Wreath SOLD

This wreath was very feminine, romantic and ready for spring.  With the vibrant colors of hot pink, it will be an eye catcher even from a distance.

Of course I only use premium florals, stems and greenery in each of my wreaths.  The flowers in this feminine wreath consisted of tons of Roses ranging in color from pale pink to hot pink.  There were white Cosmos in various growth stages and wild Aster in blue as a filler flower.  Baby Boxwood, fern and fresh moss is the greenery that gave this wreath depth and fullness.

There were 6 yards of ribbon in hot and pale pink!  The sheer 2 inch wired bow and streamers added softness and gave an airy feeling to the wreath.  I added additional grapevine which gave this wreath a natural look and to added texture.  Oh, and the two butterflies floating about made this wreath look very real and very Spring!

February 9, 2010

Steel Magnolias Wreath Sold!

Welcome to the South Ya’ll!! This wreath just oozed with “Southern Charm” and had a simple light and airy feel about it.  The flowers in this wreath consisted of pink Magnolias in various life cycle stages and white Cherry Blossoms.  There were green artichokes thrown in for textural interest.  The greenery, besides the magnolia leaves, consisted of Ivy and Smilax branches.  Did you notice the precious bird’s nest tempting a bird to join the fun?  Making this wreath almost as sweet as my iced tea!

The sign was made of wood. Grapevine was woven throughout which gave this wreath a more natural and woodsy feel. The simple and airy bow helped bring more softness to the wreath.

This wreath measured 28 inches wide by 30 inches tall by 7 inches deep. 


February 4, 2010

Love Me Wreath-Sold

We all love fresh roses and hate when they eventually die?  This wreath has everything you would find in the traditional red roses bouquet purchased from your local florists.  This is a perfect wreath for Valentine’s Day.  Oh and if you wanted to propose to someone on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, you could include the ring inside the large wreath box.  She would be completely surprised and will have the wreath to display on anniversaries for years to come!

The flowers in this festive wreath consist of tons of red Roses at various growth stages and white Daisy sprays.   Ivy, baby Boxwood and variegated Pittosporum is the greenery that gives this wreath depth and fullness.  There were 5 yards of blood-red ribbon!  The sheer 2 inch wired bow and streamers adds softness and gives an airy feeling to the wreath.  As you can clearly see, I’ve added additional grapevine to help give it a more natural look and to add texture.

This wreath measured 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall by 9 inches deep. 

These roses look so real, you would think they would be fragrant! A wreath like this would be the perfect gift to tell someone that you love them, a wedding wreath for the door of a new bride & groom and don’t forget about a Mother’s Day gift.  The recipient of wreath like this is sure to be filled with love the minute they open the box and will be so happy that these flowers look so real and will last for years.

This wreath just sold::Say Yes!

I had so much fun designing this wreath because it was designed in the middle of winter with the hope of Spring just right around the corner.  I hope this wreath brings a little Spring into the home of the Lucas' of Irmo, SC.  Flowers have been proven to fade away the winter doldrums.  This wreath would have been perfect for a Valentine’s gift, a wedding wreath for the door of a new bride & groom, sent with as a proposal or a Mother’s Day present that last well after live flowers fade away. 

This looks so real, I expect it to have a sweet perfume of floral fragrance. As always, I use premium florals, stems and greenery in each of my wreaths.  The flowers in this refreshing wreath consists of cream Hydrangeas, Prunus spray in salmon, Tea Roses in pale pink,  wild Roses in mauve and peach and yellow Ranunculus spray.  The greenery is what makes this wreath full and consists of light green mini Boxwood, light green dainty Fern, Boston Fern, Eucalypthus and blooming Rosemary.

There are 5 yards of ribbon!  The sheer 2 inch wired bow and ribbon adds more softness and gives an airy feel to the wreath.  I’ve added additional grapevine to help give it a more woodsy and natural feel. This wreath measured 26 inches wide by 26 inches tall by 9 inches deep.
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