February 4, 2010

Love Me Wreath-Sold

We all love fresh roses and hate when they eventually die?  This wreath has everything you would find in the traditional red roses bouquet purchased from your local florists.  This is a perfect wreath for Valentine’s Day.  Oh and if you wanted to propose to someone on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, you could include the ring inside the large wreath box.  She would be completely surprised and will have the wreath to display on anniversaries for years to come!

The flowers in this festive wreath consist of tons of red Roses at various growth stages and white Daisy sprays.   Ivy, baby Boxwood and variegated Pittosporum is the greenery that gives this wreath depth and fullness.  There were 5 yards of blood-red ribbon!  The sheer 2 inch wired bow and streamers adds softness and gives an airy feeling to the wreath.  As you can clearly see, I’ve added additional grapevine to help give it a more natural look and to add texture.

This wreath measured 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall by 9 inches deep. 

These roses look so real, you would think they would be fragrant! A wreath like this would be the perfect gift to tell someone that you love them, a wedding wreath for the door of a new bride & groom and don’t forget about a Mother’s Day gift.  The recipient of wreath like this is sure to be filled with love the minute they open the box and will be so happy that these flowers look so real and will last for years.

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