December 14, 2010

Christmas Wreath Order Sold

I designed this silk floral Christmas wreath to list on  However, a friend was over and decided that she wanted it for herself! So instead of listing it, I boxed it up for her to take.

This is very pretty and festive. I added green fern to give more texture.  The poinsettias are smaller and just blend giving the red shatterproof ornaments more spotlight.  The bow was wired and heavier to it will surely keep its shape better in the wind.  I added poly deco mesh along the outside of the wreath and it looked very elegant.

One special touch I did for this client was to hot glue red velvet ribbon to the back of the wreath because it was to go on the front of a glass storm door.  This gave it protection as well as finished off the back so it looks good coming from the other direction of the glass door.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of it, forgot.

You can see more wreaths I have for sale at

This is a close up of the poly deco mesh used to add a brilliant punch of red.

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