July 5, 2011

Another Poly Deco Mesh Wreath Sold!

While I do love and have an attachment to all the wreaths I design, I have to say this wreath was one of my favorites. I love it so much, I will be putting it on the cover of my new ebook, "Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design", which is scheduled to be released later this summer.

Deco mesh is the hottest craze now in wreath and floral designing and the owner of this wreath will be the envy of the neighborhood. This extra large funky wreath will easily last all summer. The deco mesh in this wreath consisted of a deep purple mesh with metallic foil which makes it sparkle. I attached additional white deco mesh into the wreath giving it more fullness. I added two types of ribbon to giving this wreath more texture; the primary ribbon was a 2.5 inch purple with white polka dots and the other was a white deco mesh. There were five large whimsical Gerber daisies in white tucked here and there.

This wreath measured 31 inches wide by 31 inches long and 11 inches deep.

I do not have the materials to remake this wreath but for more poly deco mesh wreaths, visit my website www.southerncharmwreaths.com!

mesh wreaths

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