July 7, 2011

Non Traditional Door Wreath

This article was and I wanted to share it with you...

These are a unique idea instead of a traditional door wreath.   They are die-cut wooden wreaths that have been hand-painted and personalized.  A neat idea for screen door entries too. Below are a few different designs, again posted by seasonaldesign.  Eileen states they range in price from $29-$79 and found them on various artist websites:

If you are crafty by nature, then SEARCH “unfinished craft wood wreath” on Ebay.  You’ll find various  unfinished versions of these wreaths in different shapes and sizes and all of them are reasonably priced from $5-$7.  

I would probably recommend covering the back with felt so that they don't scratch the door plus it will give  the wreath a buffer when the little ones slam the door shut.

Do you have any non traditional wreath ideas? If so message me, I would love to pass them on to my facebook fans & add to my blog.

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