December 15, 2011

Sending Wreaths as Gifts using

I have many customers who send my wreaths as gifts.  If you would like to send a wreath as a gift it is easy; when you place your order, you can either tell me via phone, email or contact form that you will be sending this as a gift or you can make a note during checkout.

Additionally, I will include a hand written card (with your message of course) to your recipient to include inside of the shipping box. This adds a very personal touch to the gift as a whole and the recipient will feel you took more time in choosing their gift as well as writing their special message.

To really make it special, I wrap my shipping boxes in additional decorative tape (when available) making it look as if it is wrapped in ribbon, of course it is just tape, so it doesn't interfere with shipping. I found a great company I purchase most of my decorative tape from and it is  They have a large variety for all occasions, seasons and uses.

Here is a wreath I've boxed up for shipping and then I've wrapped the box in the red damask tape in a present-like fashion for the holidays.

It just gives it an extra touch don't you think? Their shipping is fast too. You should give them a try.

Until next time,

Happy Wreathing, Ya'll


  1. Thank you for the wonderful tip about I would be very interested to know where you find sturdy boxes, that are also big enough for the deco mesh wreaths.


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