October 13, 2011

Sam's Club Sells Deco Mesh for $6.98 & Ribbon (50 yrds) for $7.98!

2011 Sam's Club Display

As I find great deals, I want to pass them on to my followers! There is no hiding the fact that I absolutely love, love, love wired ribbon and purchase it in great quantities! For the holidays, I love adding ribbons to my trees, wreaths, garlands, presents and more.  Sam's Club is a great place right now to purchase ribbon and deco mesh for your decorating and gift giving needs.

I've purchased the ribbon and mesh from Sam's and they are very good quality and come in a nice selection.  The ribbon is thick with a heavier gauge wire.  I also like the way Sam's adds test bows (see pic) to their display so that you can see what a bow will look like with the different ribbon selections.  Here are the prices I've seen at my local Sam's Club:

Ribbon: $7.98 for 50 yards, broken down that is 16 cents per yard or 5 cents per foot...crazy cheap!

Mesh: $6.98 for 10 yards, it's hard to find deco mesh this cheap anywhere unless you purchase in great quantities from wholesalers.

I've noticed, and other suppliers have confirmed, that customers are purchasing Christmas decorations and supplies sooner this year than last year.  So don't wait, check out your local Sam's club quickly before it's gone.
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