December 15, 2011

Sending Wreaths as Gifts using

I have many customers who send my wreaths as gifts.  If you would like to send a wreath as a gift it is easy; when you place your order, you can either tell me via phone, email or contact form that you will be sending this as a gift or you can make a note during checkout.

Additionally, I will include a hand written card (with your message of course) to your recipient to include inside of the shipping box. This adds a very personal touch to the gift as a whole and the recipient will feel you took more time in choosing their gift as well as writing their special message.

To really make it special, I wrap my shipping boxes in additional decorative tape (when available) making it look as if it is wrapped in ribbon, of course it is just tape, so it doesn't interfere with shipping. I found a great company I purchase most of my decorative tape from and it is  They have a large variety for all occasions, seasons and uses.

Here is a wreath I've boxed up for shipping and then I've wrapped the box in the red damask tape in a present-like fashion for the holidays.

It just gives it an extra touch don't you think? Their shipping is fast too. You should give them a try.

Until next time,

Happy Wreathing, Ya'll

December 11, 2011

It's A Deco Mesh Christmas

Once the Christmas custom orders started to settle down, I had to get busy with decorating my own home. And due to the success of my ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design, I decided to decorate the outside of my house with deco mesh.  Since the colors of red and lime green were extremely popular this year, I decided to use these colors for the outside of my house.

First, I started by making ten deco mesh wreaths for each of my front windows.

I used 18 inch artificial evergreen wreaths as my base. These are sold at every hobby and craft store and are very inexpensive.  I used the 10-inch deco mesh ribbon and alternated the colors to give it more of a whimsical look.  I have to say that creating a deco mesh wreath on this type of wreath form is more difficult than any of the other wreath forms. I first had to mark points where I wanted to tie in my deco mesh.  Then I needed the deco mesh to extend past the wreath form, both on the outside of the wreath and the inner circle of the wreath.

I created a video demonstrating how I marked my wreath and tied in the deco mesh here:

I made the garland around my door using two 9-foot x 14 inch evergreen garlands, two 10-inch colors of deco mesh in red and lime green colors and 30 yards of ribbon in 3 different patterns.  I then wired each ornament and flower into the garland.  I also demonstrate how to make a deco mesh garland my ebook.

My urn planters were stripped of their fall plants.  I had already spray painted tree branches black that I use in my planters year round to give more height and dimension and decided to leave these in.  I wrapped the deco mesh around the base of these branches an added floral picks and ornaments in the same color scheme of red and lime green down the center of the deco mesh.  Bright red poinsettias flank the door.

Here are more pictures of my urns:

Thanks for looking and I hope this helps with your own decorating.

Here is another deco mesh garland made for a customer that was shipped.

As you can see from the picture below, it was huge (measuring 24 feet). I guess I could have removed the dirty tennis shoes before snapping but this is my life. LOL

Time to start planning for Mardi Gras!

December 4, 2011

Holiday Deco Mesh Wreaths

Poly Deco Mesh, Deco Poly Mesh, Geo Mesh, Decorator Mesh, Art's all the same and extremely popular right now though it's been around for many years. It's a great and inexpensive way to add a punch of color to your decorating, whether it be for the holidays or for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations or weddings. Depending on how you dress it up, it can either be funky or more traditional; making it very versatile.

The vinyl mesh is soft, durable and waterproof making it perfect for outdoors or indoors. The mesh material holds it shape well! Deco Mesh comes in many patterns and colors. Mesh with the metallic foil woven in is very popular during the holidays because it adds extra sparkle when the light hits it.

Check out some of the wreaths I've made and sold on my website,

You too can learn to make your own deco mesh wreaths here: Learn to make Deco Mesh Wreaths
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