May 24, 2012

How to Make Ribbon Deco Mesh Wreath Instructions

Since I will be staying with family this Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to make a small wreath to give as a hostess gift.  This wreath came together easily and I thought I would share with you my simple instructions.

Supplies You Will Need
14" straw wreath (an 18" would work also)
10 yards ribbon (this is wired but satin would work)
3 rolls of 10" deco mesh ribbon (one each red, white and blue)
floral pins
tape measure
hot glue

There is just a little ribbon left on my blue roll but this is a great way to finish up the roll instead of throwing it away.

Using a floral pin, secure the end of the ribbon on the back of the straw wreath. I apply a small amount of hot glue to the tip of the floral pin before inserting to ensure it doesn't pop back out. Just wipe off any excess glue

Wrap the ribbon around the straw wreath trying to keep the ribbon taut and the pattern consistent all the way around.

Once you have gone all the way around the wreath, secure the end with another floral pin and cut the ribbon off the ribbon roll.

Using scissors cut the 10" ribbon into 12" long strips; on this wreath I cut 3 blue strips, 3 red strips and 2 white strips.

When you cut the strips they will automatically try to curl back up as if they were still on the roll but that is okay and ultimately what you want.

Taking a strip of blue mesh, roll the strip back up but in a tighter roll and then twist once in the center. This will allow the ends of the roll to pop up instead of laying flat on the wreath like a bow tie.

Using a floral pin, attach the blue strip to the straw wreath wherever you feel would be pleasing as this is your creation and there is never a wrong way when designing your work of art.  Personally, I chose to add my deco mesh in the bottom right corner of the wreath but since I knew I would add the ribbon wreath hanger after the wreath's completion, no matter where I attached the mesh I could just rotate the wreath before adding the wreath hanger.

Continue to do this until all the strips of deco mesh are attached, placing them beside each other. Separate them and intermingle the curled strips with each other giving a more consistent blend of color.

To make a hanger, use a strip of ribbon and wrap it around the top of the wreath making a loop and then knot. Insert a floral pin on the back of the wreath through the ribbon hanger loop so that the loop won't slide around on the wreath.

Ttaking more ribbon, put one end of the ribbon through the loop you just made above and knot it as if beginning to tie a bow on a shoelace.

Tie the bow as if finishing off a bow on a shoelace and shape and fluff the bow loops. Finish off the bow tails in a fish tail fashion.

There you have it, a very simple deco mesh ribbon wreath! 

These colors can be switched up to fit any season or holiday. The deco mesh could also be added in groups instead of mixed together so that you have three rolls of red, three rolls of blue and 3 rolls of white.

If you would like to learn more about making deco mesh wreaths please, check out my ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design here:  I truly hope you enjoy your family and friends this Memorial Day holiday and please take a minute and thank those who serve our great country and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all live in peace. Go Red, White & Blue!

May 19, 2012

Save your fingers from hot glue burns

If you are a fellow wreather or even a serious crafter who uses a hot glue gun on a daily (or if like me, hourly) basis then you will love this product.  I've been using this for about 3 months now and I have to say everyday I love it more and more. It is called Hot Glue Gun Helpers and it is a 7-piece set for $19.00 plus shipping. Here is the product image from their Etsy page where you can purchase one for yourself:

Here is an image of how the product is packaged. I had already opened the package before I thought to take a picture so the clear plastic front is pulled of the backing giving it the white areas on the package.

After I took everything out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised that the mat was large and laid flat and not stuck in the rolled up position.

The finger tips tool: I love using the finger tips to hot glue things I need to apply direct constant pressure to.  These are also great for when applying floral picks into wreaths and the hot glue is forced up the pick towards your fingers.These tips seem to be in various sizes so there is a larger one perfect for the thumb.

The spatula tool: I use this tool primarily to stir my pan melt glue around in the pan so it will melt faster but I also like using it to smear pan glue onto items such as ornaments.

The mat tool: As you can see from the picture above, I use my mat to place under my pan glue. The mat helps to catch hot glue drips, spills and strings that fall off saving my table. But you could easily use it to rest your glue gun on when not in use.

The pencil tool: I use the rubber pencil shaped tool to hold items down too.

The tweezers tool: I LOVE the tweezers. These are perfect for when I want to dip very small items into my pan melt before adhering to my project.

You can also use the tweezers to apply pressure in hard to reach places like behind this sign.

The absolute best part is that the hot glue (pan glue or glue sticks) easily peels off when the glue is dry for easy clean up.

I just loved this product so much, I thought I would share it with you in hopes it saves you from hot glue burns.

Happy Wreathing!

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