October 14, 2014

How to Make a Whimsical Funky Bow

halloween-wreath-recipe-bow-tutorial (600 x 338)

Not only do I have an addiction to ribbon but I hoard it! That’s right, I’m so sick that sometimes I find ribbon that I have to purchase and then NEVER use! I’m a sick sicky! I tend to wait for THE perfect wreath or project to use it on. Then, gradually in all my waiting for the perfect wreath, it gets pushed back into my ribbon stash and before you know it, bam, the season is over and I’ve not used my perfect ribbon find. Ugh, I’m ashamed to admit I have done this too many times to count. Then I find I don’t have enough containers to hold my ribbon stash.

So this year I aim to destash my ribbon. To do this I’ve come up with a GREAT Deco Mesh wreath recipe in order to use up my ribbon. This wreath is so great, not only does it use a lot of ribbon but it uses up the leftover ribbon scraps. You know the scraps that are not enough to make a full wreath with but too precious or costly to part with.

Here is the Deco Mesh Wreath style I’m talking about. I just love that this style also uses up my leftover mesh because you only need 5 yards, yes I can’t seem to throw leftover mesh away either. I just shared the full wreath tutorial on making this wreath with my ebook customers and it has been a HUGE hit. However, I thought I would share with my blog followers how I make the funky bow that is used in this wreath. You can use this style bow on gift wrapping, in Christmas trees, in garlands, on mailbox swags, on evergreen wreaths, on top of a pumpkin, accent a bulletin board, etc. Wherever you want a bow.


Here is the video:

Here are more wreaths I made and sold using this Funky Bow:

deco-mesh-halloween-wreath-bows-1 (502 x 600)Deco-mesh-halloween-wreath-ribbon-glitter-pumpkins-multicolor-1
deco-mesh-christmas-wreath-lime-red-santa-grapevine-1 deco-mesh-christmas-wreath-red-white-santa-boots-1

I can't wait to hear how you use your funky, whimsical bow on your projects! And if you would like the full recipe of this Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath Recipe, purchase my ebook at www.learndecomeshwreaths.com.

Here is just some feedback I've received after sending out the Halloween Wreath Recipe Video to my ebook customers:

"Julie, you are the most generous wreath designer out there. Buying your e-book was the best purchase because you just keep on giving. Thank you so much. I follow another wreath designer who also makes beautiful wreaths but her videos are so expensive and she doesn't give real "freebies" like you do. May the Lord richly bless you." ~Julissa Jumper

"You are so generous in everything you do, and I appreciate it so much. For the price of your ebook, we continue to get videos and wreath recipes .Buying your ebook was one of the best things I did to help my business. You are a true inspiration." ~Carol Hilton

"Hi Julie! Thank you so much for posting this wreath recipe. When I saw it I was so excited to try it because I love working with the grapevine wreaths, but I can never seem to get the mesh to look right. You make it seem so simple so I am looking forward to the outcome. I tend to hoard ribbon also, so this is a great recipe for me to use up some of my extra supplies. I think its great you share your talent and tips with the rest of us. I believe that is the mark of the crafter and creative spirit. This ebook was the best purchase I've made. Thank you!"~Erin Gibson

"Julie, I have been viewing and reviewing your e-book for a few months now and I have to say, I love it! I wasn't sure at first what I should expect. But you are a great designer and I thoroughly enjoy learning with all the new recipes you keep sending us! I would recommend you to anyone! You are an inspiration and I believe really care about your product. Thanks so much for deciding to share your great talent!" ~Sondra Moore

Have a Blessed and Wreath-Full Day!

Julie :)
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